Instagram Welcome to the City
Welcome to the City
This is our corner of the world,
Where we can come to be ignored.
This is our point where we return.
This is where I came from.
This is what made us who we became.
Where they know me, not just my name.
There's not another place the same,
This is where I came from...

Shane, 18, Boston... Tattoos, Urban, Graffiti, Fun Small Cute Teal Pointer
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kirk jones
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I really like this photo of myself, Idek why. Instagram: deathoverglory
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I hate that there are still people that would call me a slut for posting this photo. im proud of my body, and I dont believe showing it defines me as a person. So if you have a issue with it, then thats your problem not mine :)
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The big one!
Done on my skin by El Chizo @ LaTatueria, Italy.
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